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2018 Schedule

Map to Faculty Club

We will have 2 groups walking from Council Chamber to Faculty Club together for the gala. One will leave at 6 PM and another at 6:30 PM. If you don’t catch us and need directions, call Haiqa (780) 680 5647


Directions to University Hall

If you start from the University Station bus loop, just walk past St. Joseph’s College and it will be the building across it also facing the Student’s Union Building.

If you find yourself needing directions the day of the event, please do not hesitate to call this number: (780) 722 2897

Research Tips

Already chose a country and wondering what to do next?

Delegates may wish to prepare speeches or write down notes on their country’s policies concerning our topic of Organ Trade and Trafficking. This will allow you to be prepared to share your opinions with your regional committees and be informed on how the issue is manifested in your region. The Edmonton World Health Organization Simulation does not require delegates to write position/research papers beforehand, however, we very strongly encourage you to do research on your countries’ position regarding organ trade and current issues as well as consider possible resolutions for the issue at the local and the global scale as this will facilitate your debate with other countries’ in attempt to reach final resolutions.

Here are a few possible things to think about:

  • How relevant/important the issue is to your country;
  • Current and past policies on the issue;
  • The local beliefs and arguments surrounding how the issue should be treated;
  • Major actions taken regarding the issue by the country at the local and the global level;
  • How the issue is treated compared to other countries;
  • Has there been any international cooperation on the issue;
  • You may also choose to look into statistics and quotes (e.g. from leaders) that reinforce your country’s position

Where do I start?

You can find general facts about your country on this website

Example Papers:

WHO Resolution


Background paper


Organ Trade and Trafficking Delegate Handbook