Why EdmontonWHO?


Play a proactive role in drafting resolutions to address challenges in global health and understand the fundamental operations of the World Health Organization.




Learn about the the key challenges facing global health today and understand the important concepts surrounding it’s determinants.



Engage with students from a wide range of disciplines to understand the various perspectives from around the world.




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“Participating in EdmontonWHO was one of the highlights of my year. Although I enjoy learning about health issues in class, being able to work with others to develop real and feasible solutions for issues like the opioid crisis at the international level was an experience that I could only have had at a conference like EdmontonWHO. I would highly encourage anyone who is interested in public health, health policy, or simply making the world a better place to participate!”

Howie Wu Faculty of Medicine, University of Alberta

“Being a delegate at the WHO conference provided me with an amazing opportunity to expand my horizons and meet an awesome group of individuals interested in improving global health issues. It was a great chance to work under pressure to create a feasible resolution and overcome roadblocks that some of our world leaders have to go through to pass any sort of resolution. This event is great for anyone hoping to pursue a career in health or politics or just looking for a fun challenge!”

Makboolee Fyith Faculty of Science, University of Alberta

“I heard about the Edmonton World Health Simulation from a few of my friends. My background was not in the biosciences or the sciences but I was intrigued by this idea and wanted to know more. I decided to attend the information session to see if this was for me and right after that info session I went home and registered as I knew I wanted to get involved with this conference. Since day 1 till the end of the conference I learned so much about substance abuse (the topic we were discussing), had the opportunity to meet some really cool people many of whom I have become good friends with and above all had a lot of fun throughout the conference which made my whole experience memorable.”

Amogh Chetan Faculty of Business, University of Alberta